"The workmanship on the project was exceptional. Your knowledge, experience, and concern for quality are readily apparent characteristics. I also appreciate your direct, honest approach to running a company. It’s refreshing to work with an Owner like you who is properly oriented toward providing true customer service. You should be proud of your organization."

Wayne C. King
Project Manager
Franklin County Public Facilities Management

"An overriding concern throughout the construction of the garage was a financial one and the absolute necessity from the City’s perspective to limit any extras beyond what was required by the contract documents. I wish to state uncategorically that John Fratto showed extreme sensitivity to this concern and worked cooperatively with the Engineer and the City of Uniontown to address each and every issue that was encountered during the construction phase in a cost-effective way.

When problems where encountered during the construction phase, Mr. Fratto and his staff were willing and able to discuss the matters in a professional manner, and suggest solutions at limited cost, and many times at no cost to the Owner."

Daniel L. Webster
Webster & Webster
Solicitor for the City of Uniontown

"It is refreshing to do business with a company that enjoys what they do and takes so much pride in their work. The management staff, field supervision and craftsmen employed on this project were true professionals. We were impressed with the quality workmanship, the tremendous level of communication and the extra effort your people made to complete the project on schedule."

Benjamin J. Cowgill
Director of Business Services
Kent City Schools

"I would like to thank you and your crews for the great cooperation and professional mannerism they displayed on the Brottier Hall Garage and Student Union Building Repairs. The occupants of the buildings were very satisfied and amazed at how well your groups made these projects come together and ahead of schedule. Both of these projects had stringent time constraints which your group was able to handle with ease and surpass expectations."

Steve Kossert
Director of Maintenance
Duquesne University

"I want to congratulate you on the value-engineering alternate that was presented by you and chosen on the One Stop Center Parking Garage. The client has been pleased with the fact they are getting an almost new parking deck for the same cost as the scheduled renovation."

Nabeel Raazi, P.E.
Regional Manager
O&S Associates

"Your vast array of past experience on construction projects is the primary reason why our project is such a huge success. You have shown that your customers’ satisfaction and your company’s willingness to deliver a professional finished product are the same. Your commitment and the exceptional services given to the City of Clarksburg created not only a wonderful environment, but a lasting partnership."

Anthony N. Bellotte
Project Manager
City of Clarksburg

"Often the contractor/engineer relationship can become at odds on a project of this size; however, this was not the case with your firm. Your professionalism, communication, work ethic, construction skills and project management were exemplary."

Charles H. Churches, P.E.
Churches Consulting Engineers

"Given the less than perfect drawings, the discovery of extensive scope beyond your contract, and the very tight timeframe for completing the project, your work turned out to be very challenging. GSI Construction Services would like to formally commend you for your beyond the call of duty efforts to work with us and the Parma City School District, to complete this project on the original timetable, even though the scope of work nearly doubled.

R.L. Lengacher
GSI Construction Services

"I wanted to let you know how grateful the Allentown Parking Authority is for the outstanding job you did on the parking deck. Your company was vey professional and cooperative to deal with. The work was completed on time and the quality was above our expectations. You made a very difficult process run smoothly."

Linda L. Kauffman
Executive Director
Allentown Parking Authority

"Over the past five years that I’ve managed the annual garage maintenance, I cannot recall a single complaint from garage users concerning your work in the Locust Street or Forbes Avenue garages while they were open. On a campus where the students and administration have high expectations for their physical surroundings, that is almost unbelievable. Once again, the whole project team exceeded our expectations."

Gregory R. Fuhrman, P.E.
Project Manager
Duquesne University

"What a delight! Our leaking driveway and interior four story garage are now functional showcases, and the results are far beyond our wildest expectations. On a project that required so much care, understanding and diplomacy, CPS rose to the occasion."

Donna M. Gritzan
Property Manager
Trimont Condominiums

"I felt that your Project Superintendent, Sam Fratto was terrific to work with. He and his crew were very cooperative and easy to deal with. They worked in a very professional manner, and performed the job like true craftsmen. It was refreshing not to have to watch their every move as it became obvious they were committed to do the job right."

Jeffrey A. Lehman, P.E.
Director of Public Works
City of Jamestown

"It is a pleasure to do business with a man of his word. There are many guarantees and warranties, but enforcing them is sometimes most difficult."

James S. Allan
Vice President
Alco Parking Corporation

"Our fears of undertaking a job that had the potential of being a major headache for us were laid to rest thanks to the ability of your crews to work quickly, diligently, and professionally. The project was completed on schedule and within budget without any extra or hidden costs."

Terri L. Cook
Area Manager
Dorchester Towers

"Having inspected the jobsite Wednesday, I was impressed with the quality of work and cleanliness of the parking decks. Our superintendent Bob Gottstine expressed his pleasure working with your crews. The cooperation was tremendous, and as Bob put it, The Best Subcontractor I’ve Ever Worked With."

Gregory J. Rodems
Senior Project Manager
Ciminelli Construction Company

"On behalf of the design team for the West Pike Street Parking Facility, I would like to thank you and all of the project team at CPS, for a job well done. We appreciate your personal attention to the details of the project, and, certainly felt that the site supervision by Shawn Lyons and administrative support by Dave Baum contributed to its success."

William E. Yoke, AIA
Associated Architectural Consultants

"I was very pleased with the quality of work and level of cooperation displayed by your crews throughout the project. It has been an enjoyable experience working with such a professional company."

John B. West
Project Manager
Mascaro Construction

"Your employees were professional, well supervised and committed to providing the quality job that was promised us. Your personal efforts and cooperation throughout the project was also important in helping us meet a difficult construction deadline."

Don Simmons
Project Manager
BBL Carlton

"Your crews were hardworking, knowledgeable, and extremely flexible in their work schedule. They fulfilled our request to minimize traffic disruption during normal work hours."

Steven Petty
Facilities Manager
Progressive Insurance

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