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February 14, 2020
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February 14, 2020

Elkins Water Plant


CPS was called upon to stop the water flow coming through the corner of the filter tank walls on this 87-year-old structure.

Location: Elkins, West Virginia
Client: City of Elkins
Engineer: CAS Structural Engineering
Contract Amount: $260,000
Completion Date: November, 2007

After conducting a detailed assessment of the drained filter tank, CPS and the structural engineer concluded that the problem could not be corrected long-term with chemical grout injection alone because of the magnitude of concrete deterioration.

The project consisted of erecting shoring onto newly excavated footings and inserting needle beams through the walls to support the corner of the building. After the masonry veneer and deteriorated concrete foundation walls were carefully removed with hand-held jack hammering equipment, reinforcing steel was placed and a 5,000 psi concrete mix design was poured into the new form work. New filter blocks were designed, fabricated and installed. The exterior brick veneer was repaired and a waterproofing material was applied to the tank wall.

Working closely with the Owner, Engineer and the Water Plant Staff, CPS completed the project ahead of schedule. Now back on-line, The City of Elkins continues to supply safe, uninterrupted fresh filtered water to the surrounding areas.