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February 24, 2020
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February 14, 2020

Sandy Creek Bridge


The Sandy Creek Bridge deck was stripped of existing traffic paint and shotblasted to remove all contaminants and roughen the surface in preparation for restoration.

Location: Charleston, West Virginia
Client: State of West Virginia
Engineer: West Virginia Department of Transportation
Contract Amount: $610,000
Completion Date: August, 2008

After the bridge deck was blown clean, a lightweight, flexible, high elongation epoxy-based overlay was installed. An approved aggregate was mechanically broadcast into the epoxy to provide a highly skid-resistant surface.

Mechanical metering, mixing and distribution equipment was used to accurately blend and dispense the epoxy material with precision and speed in order to reduce installation time and minimize traffic disruptions.

Epoxy overlay systems are designed to protect a concrete bridge deck surface from the devastating effects of deicing salts. They have become an attractive alternative to latex modified concrete which lacks flexibility and adds dead weight.