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February 14, 2020
Hyatt Summerfield Suites Parking Garage
February 14, 2020

Oxford Borough Parking Garage


The parking structure accommodates new Borough Hall Offices at the ground floor and is the community’s main transportation hub as part of Oxford Borough’s revitalization program.

Location: Oxford, Pennsylvania
Client: Oxford Borough
Architect: Krug Architects
Contract Amount: $7,346,000
Completion Date: November, 2019

CPS was General Contractor for this five level parking structure in the heart of Oxford, PA. Construction consisted of precast concrete, totaling 112,300 SF of deck surface and accommodating 266 vehicles. Brick facades were chosen to blend with the surrounding traditional buildings and feature several ornamental treatments. Key construction elements include a full traffic bearing membrane coating system over the Borough Hall Offices, as well as a glass backed Traction Elevator to service all levels of parking. CPS performed all site concrete work and sealant, expansion joint, traffic bearing membrane coating, & penetrating sealer systems on the project.