Medina City Hall Parking Structure
March 7, 2021
Sandy Creek Bridge
February 14, 2020

Mahantongo Parking Garage


CPS is the General Contractor for this three-level parking structure that just completed construction in Downtown Pottsville, PA.

Location: Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Client: City of Pottsville
Architect: Levkulic Associates
Contract Amount: $7,135,000
Completion Date: May, 2021

As part of Schuylkill County’s Tourism Program, the garage will serve both the City and America’s Oldest Brewery, Yuengling Brewery, The Parking Garage is constructed of posttensioned, cast-in-place concrete slabs and beams, providing 221 parking stalls over 86,000 SF. CPS is responsible for the structural excavation, street shoring, adjacent foundation underpinning, concrete spread footings, backfill, sub-base, retaining walls, slab on grade slabs, and the elevated posttensioned deck & beams and crash walls, along with all site concrete work.

CPS has completed concrete pours in excess of 350 cubic yards to meet the schedule and posttension placement requirements. CPS installed the cable barrier systems, sealants, expansion joints, waterproofing, and traffic bearing membrane coating system on this project. The structure also includes key architectural elements such as masonry and precast stair and elevator towers with glass enclosures, a glass backed traction elevator to service all levels of parking, and a comprehensive galvanized rail system at all perimeters of the structure to accent the City’s history and architecture.

"When CPS Construction Group was hired for this project, we were aware of its reputation as the premier contractor for the construction of parking garages. ...We now know that your reputation is well-deserved."

James T. Muldowney, Mayor, City of Pottsville, PA, and Chairman, Pottsville Parking Authority